Quick Answer: What Do You Call The Side Of The House?

What is the trim of a house?

Trim on a home’s exterior typically includes the material that edges the windows and doors, the fascia board that runs along the lower edge of the roof and the soffits beneath the roof.

Depending on the style of your home, your trim could include more elements, like a horizontal trim board that runs beneath the fascia..

What is the basic structure of a house?

A house has a skeleton that gives it support, shape, and a framework for outer coverings. This structure is called the frame. Though some new homes utilize steel framing, most houses built since the 1920s are made out of wooden beams, floor joists, wall studs, roof rafters, and related components.

What part of the house is the fascia?

The fascia board is the one mounted at the point where the roof meets the outer walls of the house and is often called the ROOFLINE. However most people refer to it by the name of the main board that carries the gutter – the fascia or fascias.

What are the exterior parts of a house?

All the Parts of a House ExteriorBox End. Box ends of a home are located at the gables, generally where the siding and roof line meet. … Chimney. Chimneys are designed to aid in the release of smoke and toxic gases from the interior of a home. … Column. … Corner Post. … Drip Edge. … Driveway. … Dormer. … Down Spouts.More items…•

What are the parts of a home?

Let’s check out some of the most common parts of the house.kitchen.bedroom.bathroom.living room.dining room.nursery.garage.porch.More items…

What is the area in front of your house called?

frontage. noun. the area in front of something such as a building or street.

What are the basic rooms in a house?

Types of room in buildingsKitchen: Intended for the preparation (and perhaps also consumption) of food. … Bedroom: Intended for sleeping, storing clothes, etc.Bathroom: Contains a bath and/or shower, and can include sanitary accommodation.Dining room: For communal eating and socializing.Living room/lounge: A social room for relaxation.More items…•

What is the room called when you first enter a house?

entrywayAn entryway is a hall that is generally located at the front entrance of a house. An entryway often has a coat closet, and usually has linoleum or tile flooring rather than carpet, making it an easy-to-clean transition space between the outdoor and indoor areas.

How many living rooms can you have in a house?

The family and the living room are actually two separate rooms in a house. Understandably, many people often interchange them and confuse one with the other. The popularity of an open concept living space and the great room only helped muddle things further.

What are the most important rooms in a house?

Online real estate giant Trulia names the kitchen and master bathroom as the two most important rooms in a house. Surveys show kitchens continue to make or break the love affair potential home buyers have with a home.

What do you call the front of a building?

A façade or facade (/fəˈsɑːd/ ( listen)) is generally one exterior side of a building, usually the front. It is a loan word from the French façade (pronounced [fasad]), which means “frontage” or “face”.