Question: What Everyday Object Is Like A Ribosome?

What ribosome means?

Ribosomes (/ˈraɪbəˌsoʊm, -boʊ-/) are macromolecular machines, found within all living cells, that perform biological protein synthesis (mRNA translation).

Ribosomes link amino acids together in the order specified by the codons of messenger RNA (mRNA) molecules to form polypeptide chains..

What two cell parts are unique to plant cells?

Plant cells have certain distinguishing features, including chloroplasts, cell walls, and intracellular vacuoles. Photosynthesis takes place in chloroplasts; cell walls allow plants to have strong, upright structures; and vacuoles help regulate how cells handle water and storage of other molecules.

What would a ribosome be in a school?

Ribosomes are like teachers in school. Ribosome helps to produce important proteins for a cell and teachers produce educated people. … The cafeteria in the school is like chloroplast.

What everyday object is like a Centriole?

Analogy: The centrioles of a cell can be compared to a dresser because a dresser keeps our clothes organized just as the centrioles organize cell division.

What everyday object is like a cilia?

Cilia of Cellville are just like the everyday taxi, and the Flagella are similar to the fancy limousine. Cilia and taxis are both small and numerous throughout the city and assist in movement.

What household item represents mitochondria?

For example, a student might say, ” The mitochondria was represented by the batteries because the mitochondria is where energy is produced in the cell.” When completed, close the door and reattach the cell membrane to the inside of the door.

What everyday object is like rough ER?

Thee proteins on the ribosomes collect in the Endoplasmic Reticulum to help transport the proteins throughout the cell. It is responsible for protein synthesis. A real life example of the Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum would be traffic on a highway.

What can be compared to a ribosome?

The ribosomes in a cell are like the kitchen in a house. In the kitchen, meals are cooked and prepared. It is similar to ribosomes using amino acids to make proteins. … The endoplasmic reticulum, or ER, transports things across the cell, and helps make proteins and lipids.

What are some examples of ribosomes?

An example of a ribosome is one of the particles located outside of a cell that helps build proteins.

What household item can represent ribosomes?

Ribosomes are located in the endoplasmic reticulum and the cytoplasm. Proteins can be used by the cell or transported out of the cell. Round cake sprinkles, chocolate chips and other round candies like M&Ms scattered around the cytoplasm nicely depict ribosomes.

Are ribosomes in all living things?

Because protein synthesis is an essential function of all cells, ribosomes are found in practically every cell type of multicellular organisms, as well as in prokaryotes such as bacteria. However, eukaryotic cells that specialize in producing proteins have particularly large numbers of ribosomes.

What everyday object is like a mitochondria?

Analogy: The mitochondria is like a battery because the mitochondria of the cell makes energy so the cell can use it. A battery provides energy for whatever it gets put in.