How Much Did Drew Brees Get Paid?

Who is the highest paid player in the NFL 2019?

quarterback Russell WilsonBut even those stars can’t touch Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, who is the NFL’s highest-paid player in 2019 at $79 million, including $9 million off the field.

In April, Wilson’s four-year, $140 million contract extension set NFL records for average salary ($35 million) and signing bonus ($65 million)..

What is Tony Romo net worth?

What is Tony Romo’s net worth? Romo was once an undrafted free agent who was unsure of his future in the NFL. Now in his second career around the league, it’s safe to say that his football dreams worked out. Thanks to his new deal, Romo has a net worth of around $70 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

How much is Peyton Manning’s net worth?

Peyton Manning net worth and salary: Peyton Manning is an American NFL quarterback who has a net worth of $250 million.

How much is Drew Brees getting paid?

The quarterback’s new contract is for 2 years at a total of $50 million dollars. According to, the deal includes a $23 million signing bonus. Brees will count $23.65 million against the Saints salary cap in 2020, a far lower number than several other quarterbacks throughout the league.

How many years are left on Drew Brees contract?

The NFL’s all-time leader in passing yards and touchdown passes has at least two years left in him. On Tuesday morning, NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reported that the Saints and Drew Brees have come to terms on a two-year, $50 million extension that will keep the quarterback in New Orleans through the 2021 season.

Who is the richest QB of all time?

Eli Manning1. Eli Manning, QB — $252.3 million. One thing to know: Manning will retire from the NFL this week after 16 seasons and two Super Bowl wins. However, not all is lost as the Giants paid him $17 million this season, making him the highest-paid player in NFL history.

What is Mahomes salary?

$45 millionMahomes will now have the highest average salary for the 2020 NFL season, at $45 million, according to Spotrac, which is $10 million more than the next player.

What is Tom Brady salary?

$15 million per yearCurrently, Brady makes an annual salary of $15 million per year, which makes him the 18th highest-paid quarterback in the NFL, according to

How much is Drew Brees net worth?

Drew Brees Net Worth and Salary: Drew Brees is an American professional quarterback in the NFL who has a net worth of $160 million.

Who is the richest quarterback in the NFL?

NFL’s highest-paid quarterbacksRankTotal valueQB1.$450 millionPatrick Mahomes2.$156 millionDeshaun Watson3.$150 millionMatt Ryan4.$140 millionRussell Wilson6 more rows•Oct 4, 2020

How much do Dak Prescott make a year?

Last year he made $2.02 million. In his eventual long-term deal, Prescott is expected to make between $34-37 million per year, with a guaranteed money total in excess of $100 million.

What is Terry Bradshaw net worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Terry Bradshaw boasts an estimated net worth of approximately $45 million from his time as a professional football player and a sports analyst.